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Rules and Such!!

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Rules and Such!! Empty Rules and Such!!

Post  Skratch Sun Apr 05, 2009 10:32 pm

Welcome to Bella's Bedroom. I would just like to share some rules with everyone!

1. Before Posting a Spoiler You must Put Spoiler in the Subject line! Please keep in mind that Not everyone has read all the books so please keep that in mind If you are going to post information from any of the books if you think that it may ruin something from someone else please tag the subject line With Spoiler!! Thanks!!!!

2. Please "No Drama" Let's keep everything friendly! There is no need to be apart of any drama here whatsoever! We all have the same interest and that is twilight! So lets keep this place a friendly one!!

3. No Name Calling! No Sexual Harassment! No Religious Attacks! No Racial Attacks!

**Rules will be updated as I see fit! So please check them often!**

These are my main 3 Rules Easy enough Right Smile I hope that everyone enjoys there time here!! Thank you all!!!

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